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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: senator marco rubio gets fired up at multiple candidates during last night' s gop debate. the latest issues the republican presidential hopefuls battled over. lisa: wlwt rides along with a new drug task force. that' ll make you shake your head. mark: and breaking news this morning following a deadly what we' ve learned about the identity of the man who killed 3 people and injured 14 others. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt,
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mark: good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. this morning' s headlines are straight ahead. randi rico has a check of your friday forecast. randi: i said it would be nice and warm by the weekend. it is friday which is not yet the weekend. it is a technicality. today, cool side. tomorrow, the sun is out and temperatures jump quickly. lisa: stop being babies is what you' re telling us. [laughter] randi: i would never say that, lisa. we have cloudy skies to start the day. some areas of flurries continuing. very light, but we are continuing to see them through the next couple of hours. as we take a look starting to the north, butler county and warren county, late flurries along with 27 rolling through hamilton, trenton, munro seeing some of those flurries good springboro, westchester, mason, loveland.
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moment. and northern kentucky. these are flurries that have are moving in our direction. today. t upset anything, but you will see them fly around as you head off to work and school. temperature wise this morning, most places close to 30. s by 8:00 a.m. a couple of flurries through the lunchtime, cloudy and back to 33. 4:00, cloud start to clear. the first sign that we can warm up that you will enjoy. i will have that in a couple of minutes. lisa: 4:32 right now, breaking now we' re learning new , information about the gunman who went on a shooting spree in south central kansas thursday. mark: authorities said the shootings were were at a manufacturing plant where the gunman was employed. the plant' s parking lot and two other locations. four people, including the gumman are dead. 14 others were hurt. nbc' s dan scheneman reports. >> everybody said that there was gunshots, there was a shooter, and we just kept hearing pop pop.
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: work day when authorities in south central kansas were called to a shooting. that was followed by a report of another attack at another location and then. word of an active shooter inside excel industries. >> it didn' t matter who it was. he had no specific target. he was shooting anyone who got in his way. dan he first shot someone in the : plant' s parking lot. >> we was already looking at him and he yelled and just went -- period and then entered the building. dan authorities say there were : multiple fatalities and more injured. collects -- >> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people. 4 were killed including the shooter. dan the sheriff says the lone : gunman was killed by law enforcement after he went on a shooting spree at four locations. authorities have not yet revealed a motive but say the suspect was employed at the plant. dan scheneman, nbc news. mark: we'
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38-year-old cedric ford. he worked as a painted at the plant. we' ll stay on top of this story throughout the morning. both on air and on the wlwt mobile app. lisa: three 18-year-olds sentenced to jail for sex crimes on a 15-year-old. mark: wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa reports from dearborn county indiana with a message from the prosecutor to parents. tammy three 18-year-old boys in : a motel with a 15-year-old girl. now they' ve pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct in dearborn county court and will serve six year sentences. >> once again, substance abuse is involved, alcohol, marijuana and children making bad decisions. tammy prosecutors say : 18-year-olds william berry, tyler couch, and dashay schimmel sexually abused a 15-year-old girl in greendale motel last may. investigators say the group drank alcohol and smoked marijuna, then engaged in sex acts with the girl. the 3 boys were charged with rape but they reached a deal , with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct.
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years and probation for 4 years. collects -- >> it' s very important that parents do the very best they can to make sure kids don' t engage in this sort of drinking and drug use. tammy prosecutors say the : teenagers will have to the next decade. reporting from dearborn county tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. mark: the convicted teenagers have been ordered not to have contact with the victim or her family. 4:35 on your friday -- lisa: targeting heroin users behind the wheel. fort thomas police created a new heroin interdiction team to stop drugged drivers. the team started last week patrolling throughout the city 275 and 471. in its first week the team wrote 32 drug charges, 19 related to heroin. these results are six times higher than the traditional
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shows no signs of slowing down. city of ft. t exempt from it, no race, religion, gender, nothing is exempt, heroin has, it does not discriminate. lisa: the extra effort is in response to the recent rise in heroin overdoses on the highway. including the fatal crash on 275-eastbound monday that killed a man and put two people, boy in critical condition. mark: 16 people charged in a three year drug investigation, centered in harrison. police say the group was trafficking crystal meth between a gang in georgia an outlaw motorcycle club and people living in harrison. the investigation, which began in showed the kilos of meth were april 2012, being brought to harrison monthly. the 16 people are facing drug trafficking and drug possession charges. happening today the man charged with the murder of a middletown mother will go in front of a judge. dayton police arrested 34-year-old brandon carr wednesday.
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dead in her car two weeks ago in dayton with her six month old baby girl in the backseat. she was unharmed, but the heat was running. carr will be arraigned this afternoon. 4:36 right now, a high-stakes night for the republican presidential contenders. the 5 gop candidates sparred on a texas debate stage, their final showdown before super tuesday. lisa: last night' s debate was dominated by fiery exchanges between front runner donald trump and his closest rival marco rubio. rubio in particular unleashed a series of attacks on trump not seen to date in the campaign ripping trump' s hiring , practices, legal battles, lack of details on his health care plan, and mocking his self-named trump university. the candidates also clashed over the hot topic of immigration. >> you' re the only person on this stage who' s ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project illegally. trump: no, i' m the only one who is people.
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lisa: looking ahead south carolina' s democratic primary is tomorrow polls show hillary clinton has a significant lead over bernie sanders in the palmetto state. then they go head-to-head in 11 states on super tuesday. after that their next debate is , march 6. mark: a landmark restaurant in over-the-rhine plans to reopen this summer. tucker' s restaurant closed several months ago after a fire and now the owner needs your help. it' s expected to take about $60,000 to get the restaurant up and running. this weekend there is a fundraiser at saint francis seraph church to help with the costs. if it goes well the owner wants to reopen on july 25, a year to the day the restaurant went up in flames. >> people love them and love their food and we just want to see them cooking again. >> we' re hanging in there, thanks to the people that stand around us and support us all these years. without them, i wouldn' t be here. mark: tucker will be cooking again on sunday. the fundraiser goes from eleven -- from 11:00 until 4:00 at saint francis seraph on east
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lisa: actually forecast on this friday. 31 degrees. i did see something flying around on my way in. randi: it is very fine flurries. not enough to slow you down or cause problems. you will see a few flurries making their way from northwest to southeast as we continue to get that flow off of lake michigan. they are just flurries. no big deal for you. this warning, starting on temperatures close to freezing. cloudy skies acting like a blanket. temperatures didn' t move much overnight. 31 degrees right now at cvg, 28 currently in wilmington. there is a bit of a breeze coming in from the northwest. wind chill is a factor for us this morning. it feels like 22 right now at cvg. it feels like 18 in wilmington. make sure the kids are bundled up for the call this morning as they head out for the bus stop. a couple flurries around, but not too bad. 28 degrees as they wait for the bus. after school, a chilly afternoon, 35 as flurries are
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skies are clearing out and it will be a way -- it will be way wonder over the weekend. 30 degrees warm by sunday. i will have a nice forecast in a couple of minutes. kyla: you go trademark that is good. flurries, no worries here that will be a stable around here. if you are heading on a friday, that is what we are seeing shirt their conditions, 71 a closer to good. nearly 71 and -- 75 and 275 interchange toward parts of either. things are rolling right along. we have not seen an increase on the southbound side. morning. 74 at harrison pike, no problem. great conditions as you get ready to head outside. we will keep you updated all lisa: he' an mvp to a baseball hall-of-famer.
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mark: george vogel sits down with the reds legend, about his future in the game. that' s next and sports. lisa: and a popular cincinnati music festival going cashless. that may be hard to see in the future. the changes bunbury is creating to make it easier for fans. i am cashless. that is the story of my life. mark: taking a live look outside this morning, 4:41, snow flurries up there waiting for
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randi: 4:43 on your friday morning. radisson in covington. the flurries are flying. when we will check in just ahead. headlines. more details on a workplace mass shooting in hesston, kansas left 14-people injured and 4-dead, including the shooter. just this morning the shooter ford an employee at the plant. , authorities say ford stole a vehicle shot people in the workplace. five people remain in critical condition. the law enforcement officer who was first on the scene reportedly brought down the shooter. mark: today is the deadline for
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s new court order issued over the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. if the order stands up to legal challenges apple would be forced to create a new customized ios firmware that would remove the passcode lockout on the seized i-phone. federal authorities want apple to unlock the phone as part of the investigation. lisa: a psychotherapist testified thursday that sportscaster erin andrews was anxious and depressed. after the man who stalked her and posted secretly recorded videos on the internet was let out of prison. andrews is suing her stalker, michael david barrett, and the owner and manager of the nashville marriott at vanderbilt university for 75 million dollars. andrews' lawyers allege hotel management was negligent allowing barrett to book the room next to her after he learned which one she was staying in from the staff. mark: a promising week for cincinnati' s baseball team despite trade rumors. lisa: wlwt news 5' s george vogel is in goodyear, arizona with the latest on the red'
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george: we are in goodyear, arizona, rent spring training for and i hope you' re having a good week for the reds. it started out with trade rumors. jay is still with them. there been rumors running impairment brandon phillips for a a while. with all of these young players on the team, new red general manager date williams says there is a reason the reds may hang on to some of these guys. >> we want them to have role models to look up to. you don' t want to trade everyone in the clubhouse. you have to build around something. i don' t think he will ever see us fall on the model of burn the house down and start from the ground level. we want to keep some of that infrastructure. they worked for as last time. george: it was a high profile trade that landed j.j. hoover on
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he wore place a guy consider the most feared closer in all of baseball. a tough act to follow. he peers that she appears unfazed and that is a good quality for a closer. >> when it finally went down, that is what i told myself, i wanted to lock down the closer role. george: it had to make you feel good that brian didn' t hesitate. >> it builds confidence and lets me know it is my job to lose. george: the man juggling what is left of the roster is manager bryan price. he knows the juggling may not be over, but it never ends for a major league manager. >> regardless if it is a trade or injury, you had to have depth. we have outfield depth, infield depth, and catching depth. the one thing we don' t have is a lot of experience depth. george: the reds have a lot of experience in camp. a lot of former players. larkin was in the rumor mill in the off-season about becoming a
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if you listen to barry talk, he may jump back into the dugout. >> a manager' s job is not just about having a manager' s position. it is about having a support system to support that managers position. if that is the case , then it is something, certainly, that will -- i would have interest in. george: it wouldn' t surprise me if that happens someday for barry larkin. we had a couple of college mesko games last night to keep an eye on. nk you at cleveland state and cleveland stay winning a 53-58. indiana a big winner at illinois, 70-47 or it hoosiers role on. that is going to do it from goodyear. i have to thank mark slaughter for a big week out here. the man was busy on social media . he has quite the sunburn to show for it. the man is glowing like a jack-o'
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that is all the sports for now. reporting from goodyear, arizona, george vogel, wlwt news five. mark: crazy talk about sunburn, beautiful, warm temperatures. no flurries on a friday morning. it' s friday. randi: you have an around flakes before. you are used to it. mark: brush them out of the way. randi: we are starting out -- it is not arizona weather. sorry. we are getting some sunshine and a warm up in time for the weekend can let' s take a look at compared today with tomorrow, today, temperatures mid 30' s this afternoon. 35 degrees. tonight, down in the 20' s. tomorrow, 54 a high. a 15 degree jump from today to tomorrow. we will probably jump another 10-15 degrees into sunday. temperatures basically had a
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as we look at the wlwt writer this morning, we are dealing michigan. holding together. they are very light and very fine. not causing any problems. zooming into the 275 live, a batch of flurries on the southern part of the 275 loop over top of cvg. same thing on the northeastern portion toward loveland. seeing some light flurries. into butler and warren county, same deal. none of this is causing you any issues, but you are looking at some flurries on your way to work and school this morning. that continues with this northwesterly flow. it should diopter the morning. morning flurries, afternoon clouds, slowly, patiently waiting for sunshine and wind to return to bring in war air. 31 degrees feels like 22. a cool start to the day. here is the breakdown today. a couple flurries early. cloudy and cold at lunchtime. staying chilly through the afternoon. mid-30'
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our futurecast tracks those flurries early. it gets rid of them at 8:30. you' ll notice clouds lingering to the afternoon. we will get sunshine for the after need -- the evening commute. all in all, looking great. for the weekend, saturday, 50 degrees. sunday, 63. expect the potential for a shower to roll and sunday evening. we start the week in the 50' s, temperatures may be crashing for us toward the end of the week and into the weekend. mark: technology is giving us a new inside look. as her scans will be used by architects and designers as they begin renovations. they spent months processing thousands of individual scans and now they have a detailed, three-dimensional view of the interior and exterior of the building. >> the community benefits because we are able to get maximum value out of the investments. we can preserve the structure for the long-term and do the maximum amount of work to do that upfront with the fewest surprises along the way. mark: the renovation begins this
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the cost of the project is about $212 million and should take two years to complete. big changes are on the way for the bunbury music festival. lisa: the 3-day event will toss the tickets for something a little more advanced. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods has the details for us right now. kyla: we are thinking warm thoughts. big names are coming to the bunbury music festival. this killers, elle king, and june, tears for fears. and festival goers will also notice some high tech upgrades this year. that will change the way you get into the festival and how you spend money there. instead of paper tickets high tech wristbands will be issued. it will act as a credit card and your ticket so you don' t have to carry cash into the festival. organizers say it should reduce lines and save time. festival organizers say they' ll also be using this technology at two other festivals this year. one in columbus and then the buckle-up festival in blue ash this summer.
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lisa: happening tonight. a bockfest tradition returns. the precipitation retaliation happy hour is getting started at 5:30 tonight. milton' s is hosting the event which goes back to bockfest 2008 when a snow-storm disrupted the party in over-the-rhine. ever since, bockfest organizers have retaliated for the nasty weather by burning a snowman effigy before bockfest. bockfest gets started next weekend. it is 4:53 right now. good news after a bald eagle is rescued in indiana found in a trap. the director at the red wolf sanctuary in rising sun says emmy the eagle is doing much better. when they found her she wasn' t , eating on her own, and had to be force fed. barring any unexpected complications she' s expected to be released back into the wild tomorrow. randi: the weekend is so close.
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be cold, cloudy, a couple of flurries. everything changes toward saturday and sunday. mid-30' s is where we are heading through the afternoon with clouds clearing out late into the evening. we are starting this morning with flurries from the northwest to the southeast. fairly light. they are not sticking to anything. expect to see a couple flurries for the morning rush. through the rest of the day, very patiently waiting for clouds to clear. 35 degrees is where he are heading. this morning, most places near freezing or below freezing. at noon, 33, 4:00, 35. for tomorrow, temperatures rebound nicely. a good bit of sunshine. then on sunday, 63. make some plans, get, enjoy saturday and sunday. next week, we are one off that we are talking about rain showers were tuesday cooling done wednesday with a couple of flurries. all in all, the highlight of the forecast, saturday, sunday, as
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kyla: high level you have done the last few weekends. if we can keep a growing -- going, that would be great. your travel times are reflecting that. 30 minutes of a northeast corner of to 75 from eastgate to i-71. out of butler county, 17 minute commute. things look great. 19 minutes across the river on 7175 from the split in walton all the way down to his downtown cincinnati. here is in it for you. kyle' s land rolling along. it will get heavy later today. let' s talk about right now. things are looking good as far as north and southbound. we will check in again at the top of the hour. lisa: it is 4:55 right now. we are checking some stories trending this morning. mark: one of soccer' s biggest stars surprised one of his biggest fans. a picture of 5-year-old murtaza ahmadi. went viral when he made a lionel messi jersey. out of a plastic bag. thanks to the soccer superstar and the united nations children fund the boy was given two
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football from the iconic player. the boys father says it was it was one of the happiest moments of his son' s life. when the 5-year-old was asked about becoming an internet sensation, he added, the whole people in the world know me now. lisa: the european southern observatory has released spectacular new images showing the entire milky way galaxy. data was gathered by the apex telescope in chile, the image shows light at sub-millimeter wavelengths, between infrared and radio waves, to create an image of the full area of the galactic plane as seen from the earth' s southern hemisphere. my head hurts. mark: it was a scene right out of a child' s imagination. a unicorn loose on a california highway. this is juliet a 20-year-old , pony who spends her days making people' s dreams come true by posing as a unicorn in
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this week juliette got loose horn. residents tried to catch her for hours with the help of chp as she ran dangerously close to traffic. finally a resident with a horse , juliette was familiar with managed to bring the unicorn back home. 4:57 is your time. a town hall meeting scheduled for downtown. lisa: how local veterans will get a chance to share their ideas, on how the improve cincinnati' s v.a.. mark: snow flurries out there, but not much happening. 31 degrees on this friday morning. stay with us.
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ci lisa: the final five republican presidential candidates go head-to-head once again in houston. how ohio governor john kasich is reacting to rubio telling him to drop out. mark: taking action against the top two leaders of cincinnati' s v.a.. the new details we' ve learned in the investigation. lisa: and a mass shooter idenitified. what the company who employed the man is saying about the deadly shooting spree in a southern kansas town. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.


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